Paolo Pignatti

Your Emotions, My Job

“The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavour..” Helmut Newton

Some real life stories must be told. The emotions of a unique day should not be lost but remembered forever. I’m a wedding photographer and my job is to tell the story when a dream becomes reality: my original unique pictures will bring back the enchantment of that unforgettable day. In my profession it’s a true privilege to capture the most important moments in a couple’s life, something that I pursue with passion and responsibility. It is for me an honour to portray a love story when at its maximum beauty, capturing the intimacy of bride and groom while surrounded by the overwhelming joy of families and guest in magical atmosphere of great locations. The fascination is to be a part of that special day while discreetly seizing those precious moments in pictures which narrate the depths of feelings; the magic is delivering recollections in a photo book and see bride and groom living their day for a second time. All this is magical.. exhausting at times, but magical.