My Biography

I am a photographer for pure chance. My passion for the art of photography starts in 2000. I was born in a modest family, but rich in values and passions: that’s where I inherited an intense attraction for photography, especially thanks to my dad’s teachings.
Gradually it turned into a passion which finally found proper expression during a very special moment: my first photo shoot. I remember living that experience with mixed feelings, in a whirlpool of trepidation and anxiety before, during and after the event. A new world was in front of me and I surrendered to its enchant and fascination. This was the beginning of my journey in this dimension, where I can seize and express your and my emotions through my shoots. I started to attend many workshops with the aim of refining my technical knowledge and I was lucky enough to get to know world-wide famous professionals to learn from.
I am an Acquarius, a creature of habit and method as well as creative and innovative. I am now constantly striving to revive that powerful tension as a boost to my creativity: my pictures are the way I can express myself, while embracing the magic brightness of your emotions.


The Art Of My Photography

Photography is an art. Through photography I see the world as well as I interpret the world. It’s a tool I learnt to use to express my emotions: everyday life is full of colourful experiences and feelings and it’s vital to intimately connect with them but also recollect them, evoke them through special shoots, share them. Emotions are unforgettable memories which remain for the rest of our lives.
I seek for eternity in those magical moments, and my shoots are a story to tell, a journey back to your special day.
“Photography is having in the viewfinder the mind, the eyes, the heart”.
In my shoots I capture the beauty of details and spontaneity. This is the natural outcome of one of my first goals: establishing a relaxed and spontaneous partnership with bride and groom, the perfect ground to make the magic possible.


My Dream

I have a dream: to keep on evolving from an artistic point of view, improving my photo shoot to evoking deeper emotions. And I want to get there thanks to couples who will rely on me to make their special day a collection of emotional pictures to share with families and friends.
Creativity is definitely one of my personal values to be cherished but also nourished with ceaseless challenges to let it grow even further. Through creativity I wish to share my passion for photography to all the ones attracted by this enchanting art of endless colours and shades. I already had the chance of helping few passionate people in a photo shoot and it was a great pleasure to experience their thrill of their first emotional picture.


Wedding Photographer

I’m a professional photographer since many years; I worked for important multinational companies in the industrial field, where I invested most of my energies and efforts.
One day, a friend of mine asked me for a very special present: some of my photo shoots of her wedding day. It was fun, it was releasing! I was taking shoots during the whole service and I was so thrilled about this new experience that I decided to change my career into wedding photographer.
I started to attend several workshops, I changed my photo equipment and I still enjoy experimenting with it in this new dimension.
When I think about it, this is not only my “job”. I like to think of myself as a modern storyteller, every shoot telling stories about happy special moments which will never fade or be forgotten; instead they will be evoked as touching memories of a thrilling day when browsing the collection of pictures.

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy” Henri Cartier-Bresson

Many thanks to my partner Chiara for helping me in the realization of this website and thank to my friend and colleague Cristiano Ostinelli for this page shooting.