Is in Emilia Romagna (Italy) the only area your work in?

Not at all. I can travel in Italy and abroad. I like discovering new places; they are a motivation to my creativity which will boost in unique striking pictures of your wedding. Obviously there will be transfer and daily costs influencing the quotation.

How is the photoshoot carried out?

The photoshoot includes a first preliminary meeting from a personal and professional point of view. I will show you and we will comment together some of my previous photos. This will help me understand how your expectations can be fulfilled through my work. Once agreed, I will create your Pre-Wedding album, a photoshoot in a location we will choose together. This will “break the ice”, establishing a stronger partnership and increasing empathy and complicity, so that during the wedding day everything will be spontaneous and natural.
I will provide you with these pictures. On the wedding day photo shoots will be taken during bride and groom preparations, before, during and after service in church (or any other location). Then we will take pictures in your favourite location and eventually at the wedding reception until the end of the wedding day.

Do you also create a wedding video?

If you decide to include the video in the service, one of my technicians will take care of the necessary filming. We will choose together the music and I will edit the video with duration of 10-15 minutes. In our preliminary meeting I will also show you some of the wedding videos in my repertoire.

Do you also create the photobook?

I leave this decision to you. If you wish to keep memories of your special day in a book, we will meet and decide the best photos, I will propose you a layout and of course you will have the possibility to customize it in formats, materials used, colours, before printing the pictures.

How many photograpers will be at the wedding for the photoshoot?

Photoshoot is taken by two photographers, a lighting assistant and, in case you choose to have a wedding video, a cameraman.

How do you deliver the photos, in which timeframe and how many?

After the photo shoot and within 15 days, a short selection of pictures in “preview” mode will be available for review on my website. Within 3 months the full photo shoot will be available. Related to the number of pictures, you will receive at least 200 high resolution shoots and all the shoots in preview mode.

What do you mean by “short selection of pictures available on website”?

In the Home page of my website, you will find a link “Login” in the Menu. When I upload the previews I will provide you with user and password (which you can of course share with families and friends). You will access a personal area where you will find the pictures, ready to be downloaded and used on social networks or any other channel.

Do you carry out other photoshoots besides weddings?

Yes, besides wedding photoshoots I take care of all family moments as love stories. From engagements, to maternity, Christenings, and all the celebrations you want to capture and remember such as Holy Communion, Holy Confirmation, silver wedding and golden wedding anniversary.

How can we ask you for a quotation?

You can contact me via mail, on my mobile or through format (in Contact section) on my website. As soon as I receive the contact, we will set a preliminary meeting or videoconference via Skype so that we can agree on the way forward and I will also provide you with quotation. In case you decide to continue our partnership and rely on my service, you will be requested to provide a deposit to ensure my availability for the requested dates.

Which are the copyrights on the pictures?

I own the copyrights of all pictures of the photoshoot but you can use them as you wish (printing, publishing or exhibit is allowed). I will ask you to sign a disclaimer before publishing on social networks, showing in exhibitions or printing them. In case you wish to get the exclusive copyright there will be a surcharge on the quotation price.